Lakeville Cares

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What is Lakeville Cares?

During this COVID-19 emergency, our community has people who need help. We also have people that want to help. Lakeville Cares is a place where the community can come together.

  • Are you a senior or a person with a compromised immune system that needs your groceries or prescriptions delivered? We can help.
  • Are you a person that wants to help by making masks for others to wear? You can help.
  • Do you need masks? We can help you get them.
  • Are you a business that has services? We can help connect you with those in need of your services.

Who is Lakeville Cares?

Lakeville Cares is a community-based organization that is helping to connect the following groups to pool their volunteer resources. The groups are offering needed services to be performed by their own volunteer members.

Here is a list of the organizations that are currently involved in this volunteer effort. 

  • All Saints Catholic Church
  • Celebration Church
  • City of Lakeville
  • Crossroads Church
  • Hosanna Church
  • Lakeville Area Chamber of Commerce
  • Lakeville Area Schools (ISD 194)
  • Northcross Lutheran Church
  • Rotary Club of Lakeville

How do I ask for or offer help?

  • Send us an email.
  • Call 952-985-4400 Monday through Friday between 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.
  • We are asking those that like to sew to consider making masks for our community. Masks can be dropped off at Hosanna Church (door #1) at 9600 163rd Street West in Lakeville. See below for how to make homemade masks.
  • If you cannot make masks, clean high-thread count bed sheets (color does not matter) and new material is needed. If you can donate material, you may drop it off at Hosanna Church (door #1) or contact Lakeville Cares by email to donate material.
  • If you can’t sew, we are looking for clean new bed sheets, elastic and other materials we can distribute to those helping to sew masks. If you have material you would like to donate, place it in a clean trash bag or other plastic bag and leave the bag on your front step. Send Lakeville Cares an email with your address and we will pick it up.
  • You can also drop off your donated materials at Hosanna Church (door #1).

How to make face masks

Face mask design patterns and instructions can be found online and below:

  • Build a mask that tightly encloses the area around the nose and mouth, from the bridge of the nose down to the chin, and extending onto the cheek beyond the corners of the mouth, so no gaps occur when talking or moving.
  • Use mask material that is tightly woven but breathable. Double-layer the fabric if possible.
    • Masks must be made from washable material such as fabric. Choose a fabric that can handle high temperatures and bleach without shrinking or otherwise deforming.
  • The mask should be tolerant of expected amounts of moisture from breathing.
  • Suggested materials:
    • Outer layer tea cloth
    • Inner layer of a microfleece to wick away moisture
    • Use an accordion fold to mimic a hospital mask as much as possible
    • Use a fat woven shoelace type material to bind the sides (such as quilt binding)
    • For straps, use elastic straps that loop behind the ears.

The CDC recommends wearing cloth face coverings to protect others from COVID-19. Cloth face masks can help prevent the wearer from infecting others – especially in situations where they may spread the virus without symptoms. Cloth face masks are not a proven way to prevent COVID-19 from infecting the wearer.