Arenas Board

  1. Joe Bergquist

    Arenas Manager

  2. Lakeville Arenas

    952-985-2170 (Ames)
    952-985-2180 (Hasse)

The Lakeville Arenas is a Joint Powers Organization created in 2005 between the City of Lakeville and Independent School District #194.

The purpose of the Lakeville Arenas is to lease, maintain, operate and manage the arena complex in the best interests of the overall community. The arenas organization is charged with undertaking entrepreneurial endeavors to maximize the return on the public investment.

The Lakeville Arenas Board of Directors consists of:

  • Two members appointed by the City of Lakeville
  • Two members appointed by Independent School District #194
  • One Community Member at Large

The Arenas Board meets as needed on the 3rd Wednesday of each month. 

Copies of documents from Arenas Board meetings can be obtained by contacting Arenas Manager Shayne Ratcliff.