Expressions Community Theater

This in-house community theater organization was formed by a group of volunteers for the purpose of providing family-friendly theater to the community. For audition or show information, contact the Arts Center at 952-985-4640. If you are interested in ushering or becoming a volunteer for Expressions, please contact the Arts Center.

Upcoming Auditions

Birthday Club:
Auditions for Birthday Club will be held May 9 & 10, 2022.  To view the audition announcement, please visit Minnesota Playlist.

Auditions have been moved to the Steve Michaud Park building, located at 17100 Ipava Ave, Lakeville, MN 55044.  

Audition Sides:

Side 1 (Pg. 28 - 32) Side 2 (Pg. 34 - 36)
Side 3 (Pg. 42 - 45) Side 4 (73 - 75)

Upcoming Performances

Birthday Club graphic